Valérie Honoré

Junior Web Developer

More about me

About me

I have been passionate about technology and internet since day one. I started learning about web development and web design in order to build a personal website and the more I learnt, the more it became a real vocation... So I decided to make a career out of it.

I have successfully completed my Web Developer training from Access Code School in May of 2019 and I am working as a freelancer since October of the same year. I love discovering and trying new things as well as learning as I develop new projects.

My portfolio


Here are some of the projects I worked on within a team or on my own.

image du projet HelloCiné


Creation of a film directory

image du projet SwishFile


Creation of a file transfer system

image du projet Mock-up


Mockup integration

image du projet CCSF


Dashboard for the Communauté de Communes des Savoir-Faire(CCSF)

image du projet AFER


Dashboard for the Association Franc-Comtoise de l'Éducation Routière

image du projet Portfolio


Creation of this portfolio with dashboard

image du projet VHWEBS


Création de mon site web

image du projet

Création de mon site web

Contact information

I can be reached directly by phone, email or via the form below.

+33 06 86 18 40